Medication Abortion

We provide professional and private abortion care to folks in California, Colorado, Illinois and New Mexico (more states coming soon!) seeking to safely end a pregnancy from the comfort of their own home. Choix provides all necessary medications for the abortion – as well as to help alleviate side effects

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Advance Provision

We provide people access to abortion pills for future use — before they are pregnant.

If a person becomes pregnant and wishes to use the pills in the future, ongoing supportive, and expert abortion care from Choix providers is included in the Advance Provision service.

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Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception (EC) is a pill intended for use “in case of emergency” when you don’t want to get pregnant after unprotected sex. If you’ve had unprotected sex in the past 5 days and desire EC – or, if you’d like to to keep some on hand just in case – Choix can provide you with a same-day prescription.

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Hormonal Birth Control

We offer three types of hormonal birth control: the Pill, the Patch, or the Vaginal Ring. If you are a person who gets their period and are seeking a birth control method that is safe, effective, easy to use, and puts you in control of your contraceptive care, we can help.

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Non-Hormonal Birth Control

If you seeking a non-hormonal birth control option, check out Phexxi! Phexxi is a new form of birth control, called a vaginal pH modulator. It comes in the form of a vaginal gel, that you use right before penis-in-vagina sex. It is effective immediately and lasts for an hour.

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UTI Care

If you are a person with a uterus suffering from an UTI (the worst!) Choix can help alleviate your pain with fast treatment!

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Cold Sore Treatment

Whether you’re seeking speedy treatment for a current outbreak or looking for daily preventative therapy, Choix has got you.

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Genital Herpes Treatment

Choix can help anyone suffering from genital herpes (HSV) looking for swift care for a current outbreak or daily preventative therapy.

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Not Sure What You Need?

Check out our resource library, email us at or call / text us at 858.203.0531. We’re happy to chat!

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