Non-Hormonal Birth Control

If you are a person with a uterus seeking a non-hormonal birth control option, the Choix team is happy to introduce…Phexxi!

Phexxi is a new form of birth control, called a vaginal pH modulator.  It comes in the form of a vaginal gel, and you use it right before penis-in-vagina sex. It is effective immediately and lasts for an hour.

Phexxi is meant to be used “on demand” and only when you need it, but it is important to note that it is not effective if used after sex.

One of the top questions we get is ”How Effective is Phexxi?” Great question! We are happy to report it is 86 to 93% effective on its own. Phexxi may also be used with condoms made with latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene, and vaginal diaphragms for increased effectiveness.

You submit a 4-7 minute questionnaire and from there we will review your medical history and preferences within 24-48 hours (M-F/8:30 am-4:00pm PST)

We will review your medical history, and a provider will check in with you via text to confirm information. If no additional steps are required, medications can be picked up at your local pharmacy or will be shipped by our partner pharmacy, and the Choix team will be on hand to help you along the way.

We can then have contraception delivered through our partner pharmacy or you can pick it up at your local pharmacy – whatever is most convenient for you.

$15 Consultation fee + cost for contraception.  Please note that the cost for contraception depends on the pharmacy you use and whether or not you use insurance.

You are 13-49 years of age and in the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico or Virginia.

Submit the questionnaire and consultation fee here. You will need:

  • Height and weight measurements

  • Photo ID and a clear selfie for purposes of identification

  • Payment information

Once we receive your information, we’ll be in touch within 24-hours!

  • Phexxi can be used during any time of the menstrual cycle and anytime after an abortion, childbirth, or miscarriage.

  • Phexxi vaginal gel comes with an applicator that is similar to a tampon and is inserted into the vagina. Each prescription comes with 12 single dose applicators.

  • Phexxi does not prevent any sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

  • You can get more information about Phexxi here.

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