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How Are Birth Control and Emergency Contraception Different?

People often get confused about the difference between birth control and emergency contraception. We get it - they are both hormones taken in pill form to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Birth control is any method of contraception used to help prevent pregnancy – emergency contraception is not a form of regular birth control. Birth control pills are more effective at preventing an unplanned pregnancy than emergency contraception. Birth ...

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Emergency Contraception “The Morning-After Pill”

“The morning-after pill,” Plan B, Ella… Emergency contraception (EC) is a pill intended for use “in case of emergency” when you don’t want to get pregnant after unprotected sex. There are a few brand names out there, and it’s commonly referred to by one of the brand names, Plan B. EC is necessary if you don’t want to become pregnant because it can take a few days ...

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The new vaginal ring on the block. Annovera is a new vaginal ring that you can use for a whole year! It is a “long acting” form of birth control that does NOT require a procedure to have it inserted. We think it’s pretty cool... read more to find out if you think it might be a good option for you! Fun facts about Annovera Flexible, comfortable, squishy ring ...


Finding the Right Form of Contraception for You

Let’s be real for a second; good sex can be a lot of fun and feel really great. We all enjoy sex more when we are not distracted or worried. Knowing that you (or your sexual partner) are protected against an unplanned pregnancy is a pretty big turn-on. That is why the Choix team wants you to have all the information you need to choose the best form of ...

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