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Abortion Care via Telehealth

Want to learn more about a medication abortion, and how to get one here? You're in the right place. What is a medication abortion? A medication abortion is the process of taking medications to end a pregnancy in the first trimester. The medication abortion uses two medications, mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone is the first medication, and blocks the hormone progesterone; pregnancies need progesterone ...

Abortion Care via Telehealth2023-02-02T22:38:25+00:00

What are my options for having an abortion?

There are many ways you can have a safe, legal, abortion in California, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico & Colorado. Different options might be better for different people, depending on a lot of factors. All abortion options are safe with varying degrees of effectiveness, depending on the stage of the pregnancy. They all come with different risks and benefits. Our option is listed first, but please familiarize yourself ...

What are my options for having an abortion?2022-09-08T00:16:20+00:00

How Healthcare Technology is Changing Abortion Care for the Better

You have probably noticed that technology is an essential part of all healthcare today. At Choix, we believe that abortion care is part of healthcare, so it makes sense that healthcare technology can also help improve the quality of abortion care. Telehealth services like Choix increase access to abortion care, providing pregnant people with high-quality, safe, convenient, and supportive reproductive health care. To have a choice, you need to ...

How Healthcare Technology is Changing Abortion Care for the Better2022-12-07T08:30:32+00:00

How Are Birth Control and Emergency Contraception Different?

People often get confused about the difference between birth control and emergency contraception. We get it - they are both hormones taken in pill form to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Birth control is any method of contraception used to help prevent pregnancy – emergency contraception is not a form of regular birth control. Birth control pills are more effective at preventing an unplanned pregnancy than emergency contraception. Birth ...

How Are Birth Control and Emergency Contraception Different?2022-12-07T08:35:08+00:00

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

A new on-demand, non-hormonal birth control option. Phexxi is a non-hormonal birth control that comes in the form of a vaginal gel. It is used right before penis-in-vagina sex, lasts for an hour, and is effective immediately. Phexxi is meant to be used “on demand” and only when you need it, but is not effective if used after sex. How does Phexxi prevent pregnancy? Phexxi is a new form of ...

Non-Hormonal Birth Control2022-09-07T22:50:45+00:00

Hormonal Birth Control Options – Pill(s), Patch and Ring(s)

For most women, these hormonal methods are all safe, effective, easy to use, and put you in control of your contraceptive care. While they are all used a little differently, the risks, benefits, and side effects are generally the same. These birth control methods are all called “combined hormonal contraceptives” (CHCs) because they have two hormones, estrogen and progestin. They are similar to the hormones your body already produces.  ...

Hormonal Birth Control Options – Pill(s), Patch and Ring(s)2022-09-08T23:33:53+00:00

UTI-Urinary Tract Infection

Maybe you have had one yourself, or maybe you know someone who has. While you may not know the details about it, you definitely know they are uncomfortable! Let us demystify this really common health concern affecting many people assigned the female sex at birth, especially if you’re sexually active. What is a UTI? A UTI is any infection of the urinary tract, including the bladder, urethra, ...

UTI-Urinary Tract Infection2022-12-07T08:28:23+00:00

The Patch

Have you found your match? The patch is an effective birth control method that looks and feels like a slim, square Band-Aid (about 2 x 2 inches). If you want a method at your fingertips that you only need to change once a week, this might be the method for you! How to use the patch Open the foil pouch and remove the patch with plastic backing. Peel away ...

The Patch2022-09-08T00:22:05+00:00

NuvaRing – The OG Ring

The vaginal ring, well known by its brand name, the NuvaRing, is a flexible silicone ring about the size of a ponytail rubber band that is changed monthly. Some people shy away from the idea of placing something inside their vagina… BUT we think using a vaginal ring is a great opportunity to get more comfortable with your body AND use a very discrete method – ...

NuvaRing – The OG Ring2022-09-08T00:21:14+00:00

Emergency Contraception “The Morning-After Pill”

“The morning-after pill,” Plan B, Ella… Emergency contraception (EC) is a pill intended for use “in case of emergency” when you don’t want to get pregnant after unprotected sex. There are a few brand names out there, and it’s commonly referred to by one of the brand names, Plan B. EC is necessary if you don’t want to become pregnant because it can take a few days ...

Emergency Contraception “The Morning-After Pill”2022-09-08T00:22:46+00:00
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