Your advocates. Your allies. Meet Choix. (pronounced “choice”)

Choix was founded by clinicians with a vision of using telemedicine to expand access for all people who seek safe and affordable abortion care from the privacy of their own homes. We believe everyone should be free to make their own decisions about their bodies, their families, and their futures.

And now we are more committed than ever to do our part to ensure that people have equitable access to the care they want and need.

Founder, chief executive officer

Founder, co-chief medical officer

Founder, chief nursing officer

co-chief medical officer

Cindy the nurse practitioner was amazing. She answered every question I had, it made me feel comfortable through this process. I really appreciate everything she did for me.

– A Choix patient

Our Values

Cultivate Compassion
We meet people where they are and bring them the care they need; empathetic, supportive, non-judgmental is our way.

Champion Equity
We fight to remove barriers in every aspect of our work; everyone deserves great care.

Pursue excellence
We build on our expertise, we will never stop learning and innovating; great care depends on it.


Choix follows strict healthcare and technology standards to protect your personal health information with encryption. Choix follows the HIPAA standards (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA is the federal law that guarantees the security and privacy of health information.

Choix will never voluntarily share your personal information with anyone, including other medical providers, without your request & written permission to do so.

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