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The patch is an effective birth control method that looks and feels like a slim, square Band-Aid (about 2 x 2 inches). If you want a method at your fingertips that you only need to change once a week, this might be the method for you!

How to use the patch

  • Open the foil pouch and remove the patch with plastic backing. Peel away half of the plastic layer, taking care not to touch the sticky part of the patch with your fingers or get it stuck on itself.
  • The patch should always be applied to clean, dry skin, and can be placed on your lower abdomen, upper outer arm, buttocks or upper back. DO NOT apply the patch to your breasts!

  • Place the sticky half on your skin in the desired location, then carefully remove the other half of the plastic, pressing the whole patch onto your skin. Hold the patch in place with your hand for 10 seconds.
  • The patch is changed once weekly for 3 weeks on your designated “patch change day” (for example: every Saturday you will remove your old patch and apply a new one) and left off for a 4th week, the week where you get your period.
  • For continuous use, simply place a new patch on the 4th week, instead of having a patch-free week. You may have unscheduled spotting or bleeding if you plan to use it continuously, but this usually goes away after a few months of use.
  • Use a back up method (like condoms) for 7 days when you first start using the patch if you plan to have penis-in-vagina sex.
  • Made to be worn and last through all activities, including sweating, showering, and swimming.
  • May be less effective in women who weigh over 198 lbs.*
  • May be seen if you’re wearing certain clothes (like a sleeveless shirt or bathing suit) depending on where you wear it.
  • The main possible side of the patch that is different from the pill or the vaginal ring, is that it MAY cause irritation or discoloration at the patch site.

Unfortunately, it only comes in one color – a pink-beige color (we know, that’s nobody’s *actual* skin color, but hey, we don’t make them).

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