The vaginal ring, well known by its brand name, the NuvaRing, is a flexible silicone ring about the size of a ponytail rubber band that is changed monthly.

Some people shy away from the idea of placing something inside their vagina… BUT we think using a vaginal ring is a great opportunity to get more comfortable with your body AND use a very discrete method – nobody knows it’s there but you!

The NuvaRing cannot be felt while wearing it in most cases. If it feels uncomfortable or you can feel it in your vagina after insertion (or any time), it’s not far enough inside, and simply needs to be pushed back a little farther. Your partner shouldn’t be able to feel it during sex either.

  • Some women report increased vaginal wetness while using the ring—this is not an infection, just an increase in your normal lubrication.
  • Must be kept in a cool environment; if storing more than a 3 month supply, it needs to be refrigerated.
  • Does not need to be removed during sex, but can be out of the vagina for up to 3 hours and still be effective at preventing pregnancy
  • It won’t get lost. No, really, it won’t. If you can’t find it, that likely means it fell out.

How to use the ring

On your start day (or ring change day), wash your hands with soap and water, remove the ring from its package, and place the ring into the vagina. (Remember to use a back up method (like condoms) for the first 7 days you use the ring if you plan to have penis-in-vagina sex!)

Placement: This is done by folding and pushing the ring to the back of the vagina at the cervix by using your finger/s. (This is actually really easy and no, it won’t get lost! The vagina is a closed system-what goes in comes out…except for a few sperm!).

Removal: After 3 weeks, it is removed and thrown away. After the 4th week where you get your period, a new ring is placed.

For continuous use (to skip your period):

Leave the ring in up to 4 weeks. You can change it on the same calendar day each month, or at the end of the 4th week (28 days) and immediately insert a new ring, without needing to have a ring-free week for a period. You may have unscheduled spotting or bleeding for the first few months if you plan to use it continuously, but this usually goes away after a few months of use.