Telehealth is a way of providing health care and education through communication technologies (websites, emails, video visits, text messaging, etc) when you and your medical provider are not in the same place.  At Choix we primarily deliver telehealth via our online medical questionnaires as well as through emails, texts and our patient portal.

Is Telehealth private and safe?

Yes. Choix follows strict healthcare and technology standards to ensure that your information is protected and encrypted (probably even better than an online bank!). We follow HIPAA standards (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act – a government act that was designed to guarantee security and privacy of health information).

We will never share your information with anyone, including your other medical providers, unless you request it and then give us written permission to do so.

While our emails will never reference what services you use, and while we offer encrypted text messaging options, we recommend seeking in person care if you do not feel safe receiving email and text alerts from Choix.

Should everyone use Telehealth?

No. While our team feels that telehealth is a great way to safely address many common healthcare needs, we have to be more cautious about the way we provide medical care since we cannot evaluate you in person. While this unfortunately means that we might not be able to provide care to everyone who is interested in using our services, we will only treat patients when we feel it is safe and medically appropriate to do so.  We strongly value the importance of in-person medical visits and feel that a good combination of in person care and telehealth (when medically safe) is beneficial for patients and medical providers.

Choix currently only offers services to patients assigned the female sex at birth (and we can only prescribe medications directly to the patient who will be using it).*

What is the benefit of using Choix versus traditional in person care, or even a video visit?

Our questionnaires gather information that help us diagnose, treat and prescribe according to the same strict clinical guidelines that are used in a traditional healthcare setting. Using Choix means you can privately and securely start birth control, get abortion care, or initiate care for an infection on YOUR time-no clinic visit or scheduled phone call during clinic hours. Our medical providers and team are available via phone, text, and email for any questions you may have. Furthermore, you can receive your medication at your doorstep without the inconvenience of a pharmacy visit.

We also recognize that going in person OR having access to a clinic for something sensitive like birth control or care “down there” isn’t a reasonable option for everyone due to their location or due to the stigma that comes with a lot of sexual and reproductive healthcare in certain settings.

When required, we utilize laboratory services in place of a traditional clinic setting for tests. Labs are located widely throughout the state and perform a wide variety of tests for lots of people- no shame or disclosure of your reason for visit necessary.